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Android Developer guide for Java Programmers

Becoming an android developer is a good decision that you make to learn how to become and android developer and start developing your apps, in this post I will guide you how to become an android Developer using java programming language.

So whether you are a Beginner without a knowledge of any programming language or an intermediate that has programming language this guide is for you and I will try to break down things so that you can easily understand the concept.

Android developer guide

Why you should become android developer as a java programmer?

Android operating system is getting very popular, by which almost 80% of mobile smart phones are using android operating system.

Not only on smart phone but also android operating system dominate many devices by which it can run on other electronic and automobile devices like watch and cars.

As a result of that large amount of android developers are highly needed across the globe to create different types of applications that can help to solve many problems across the globe.

As a result of that you can’t even compare Google Play store and app store because of huge amount of users that android have compare to Iphone users.

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How Long does it takes you to become an android developer?

How long does it takes to become android developer

Another thing is that many people are wondering about how long does it takes to become an android developer and based on my android development of about four years I can answered this question as:

It take you about 3 three month to become a junior android developer while to become a senior android developer it can takes you to about another 6 six month to become a professional senior android app developer.

But let me simply break down things to you so that you can grab the concept easily

Breaking things Down

The following skills are the most important skills that you most learn the following skills if you really want to start developing android applications and  i will explain all of them to you one after the other.

  • Java Basics
  • XML basics
  • Android framework
  • SQL

Java Basics

In android programming if you want to start developing apps you must select one at least one major programming language that you are going to use for developing the app.

Java is the first language that was been declared by Google as an official language that developers can start developing android application with.

Related to this article we are talking about java and java programming language is among the most easiest programming language to start developing android apps with it, because their are tons of online support and documentations that will help you.

Java programming language is an object oriented programming language that you need to learn from basics to the minimum level of intermediate and what I want you to understand is that, in android programming the more you understand the your major selected language the things become easy for you.

Although with a little java experience you can start developing your android application but if you want to build high functionality apps you have to master java programming language.

Don’t worry below are some of the most important topics you need to understand based on my experience  in java programming language if you want become a good android app developer.

Important Topics
  • Data Types
  • Conditional Statements
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Working with files
  • Object Oriented programming

So after that another thing that I will talk about is how long does it takes you to learn java basics for android development?

The clear answer to the question is that it takes you almost about One month or more than that but it depends upon the way you are learning and practicing what you have learned.

XML Basics

Another thing is that you need to learn the basics of xml programming syntax, an xml is like a HTML Programming having open and closed tags but they differ in many ways.

Like XML is like human readable language that is used in android to design layout and many visual components.

What I want you to understand here is that when you create a layout using xml syntax then you use java to provide functionality to the layout that you have created using xml syntax.

No need of you to become a profession in xml to start android development just a little knowledge of understanding the concept of the syntax is enough.

Using xml you can design Buttons, Shapes, Structuring Images layouts and more, and you can assign attributes, appearance of them using it which consist of colors, borders and radius.

Then another thing is that you can learn basics of xml in just two to three days before you start applying it to your android programming journey.

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Android Framework

After learning java programming and the basics of xml then the next thing to learn to become android developer is having Knowledge of Android Framework itself.

This is your long journey were you will spend most of your time learning how to create, add or remove functionalities to your android application.

And also at this stage you will understand whether you understand java programming language that I have mention to you previously because here you must apply the rules and syntax of java programming language.

Another thing is that most of the movement or function that you want your application to make you make it using java code.

So learning java is very important and a single mistake which include failure to use java programming syntax can make an error to your project or even crash your application.

But if you have learn java programming well you will find things easy and fun to you just what you need is learning deaply about how you can deals with many tasks that you want to create so that it can solve the problem that you were intended to solve to your user.

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Journey to an android developer is easy, fun and also quit challenging but try to work hard your hard work pays one day nothing someone can do that you can not so it except if you are not passionate about it.



















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