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Basic HTML Programming Syntax

Html simply means Hypertext Markup Language, is a language that is used to create the appearance of a web page.

Previously there are many versions of html but now the stable one is HTML 5 which is used as a modern language.

Structure Of the Language

Html basic introduction

In this section we will talk about the basic structure or framework of the html programming.

What you need to know is that the language uses tags which include opening and closing tags.

That is when ever you open a certain tag you must close it and the basic framework is like this:



<title>Tittle of The Page</title>








You see when you open with <html> tag then you closed using </html> this is the structure but let me simply explain the code for you so that you can understand it better.

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<html> </html>

 This is the key comtainer of the complete web page any thing that you want do it you have to do it between the html tag, that is it is a parent tag, and it has two child which are head and the body.

<head> </head>

The head tag is used as a place  add some functionality and identification a web page for example tittle of a page, description, css , javascript and many custom functionality that you want you can add it there.

<body> </body>

The body tag is area is a part were you can spend your time codding, you can add text, audio, video, containers and many other components that can be seen by the user.

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