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Beginners Guide to Becoming Front End Web Developer

In this guide we will talk about the basics and fundamentals knowledge you need to learn to become a front end web developer.

But let me first start with the meaning and the role of the front end development related to building websites.

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What Front End Web Development?

If we talk about it simply we means dealing with the visual aspect of building websites.

This simply consist knowing how you can create the visual elements a of a web page to the user which include for example Buttons, design using colors, Boxes, creating form, borders and more.

For you to be able to create these element you need to have the basic understanding of at least three major languages which are.

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • javaScript

Let me explain to you so that you can understand it well but this is just an introduction to get a small idea about it.


HTML means hypertext mark up language is a standard language for creating the visual element it is responsible for showing how and were a certain components is located in a web page.

The language uses tags to show the elements like for paragraph we use <p> and when ever the element was been open you need to close it like </p> Then you write the visual text at the middle.


 <p> This is a paragraph</p>


Another language is a way or programming language that shows how HTML element in a web page should be displayed which includes its designs, colors, borders, margings and padding.

We use a style tag in the head of the web page and call upon a certain tag to add it characteristics appearance like.


p  {
  color: white;
  text-align: right;

 the above example shows that we have set the paragraph color to white and the alignment that is the position to right.


JavaScript simply deals with the movement of the html element and the movement of the web page in general.

Example of it is the alert dialog when you enter a web page it shows you a pop up so this is a role of a JavaScript.


We use <script> tag in the head to execute javascript code of a web page or we can even use it inside the body and below is an example of javascript syntax.

alert(Hello! I how are you!);

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 Were does these languages are executed are they on a server or under your Browser?

front end developer

To answer this question for you I can say that they were been executed inside your browser not the servver that you have requested.

To break down things for is that when ever you request to visit a website or any web page you are searching for the server that hosts the files of that website.

After successful connection then the server provide you with the response of that page which will be executed on your browser.

Then you see it, this is why use can see that some browsers has functionality of enabling javascript and disabling it from executing, it is as a result of your browser translates the web page code.




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