Google Products: Best Google products and their Importance to Small Business

Google products

Google Products: Best Google products and their Importance to Small Business

 In todays world if we talking about Tech Companies almost everyone knows among the world giant company Google by which even if you did not know it which is hardly you are using some of it products or apps in your daily activities by which wise people utilize and use it’s products since most of them are almost free to use espicially for small businesses.

  As a result of there importance of their importance the today’s post have a look about the most useful ones among them and how they can play significant role in the business by means of either attracting customers, increasing revenue or even improving brand awareness.

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So let’s first list the products and take look at each among them

List Best Google products and Apps

  1. Google Drive
  2. Blogger
  3. YouTube
  4. Adwords
  5. Analytics
  6. Google Search Console

Since we have seen the list of the products let’s take them one after the other and see the role they play’s for small businesses.

Google Drive

Google drive is a cloud storage that owns by Google which is used for storing, sharing and collaborating data that was been stored in a file or folder by which you can assess or have your data any time you want without having stress of accidental lost of data since it has been stored on servers.

Since if you are a small business owner there is a need to store  records of your business activities.


Is a free tool  that google provide which as a small business owner you can use it for free to create your Business Website in a short period of time less than 5 minutes.

When you create your website on blogger google provide you a free hosting including a subdomain of blogger that is your website name wil be yourwebname,

But later you can buy domain and connect to it  to have your brand name fully by which you can use it and connect to your customers by posting daily to your business which leads to sells.

3. YouTube 


Youtube is among the the most popular and visited website in the world .

World leading video hosting website and second most visited search engine after Goggle Search.

To grow your Small Business rapidly as research shows you can simply use youtube to create your business channel where you can  post video of your products  and services.

If have not got your youtube channel start it today and start uploading video every time a visitor watch your video and subscribe on your channel your channel and video rank that is why make sure to post quality products and servises.

4. Adwords

Is among most useful tool created by google which you can use to boost you brand awareness.

As i have mentioned early about blogger tool you can use to create website after you have set up your website.

Then you can use adwords to start advertising online when user search on search keyword google rank you just to get started visit the website and set up budget for your campaign.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Is among Google product that help small Businesses to grow by providing comprehensive data to their audience.

If you want use for your business after you have set up  your website then you connect it to analytics.

By connecting it to analytics every time visitor visit your site the software store their information like from which location they com, their behaviour, time they spend in your website

Additionally google will notify you every month about your website performance through email which provide good understanding of your website performance.

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