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Online Learning Tools: Best Google Learning Tools for Students

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The Giant Tech company Google which is located in America has change the way we search for more than a decade, almost every day Google Products play a great role in human life, among the products that Google developed, there are best online learning tools for students which help them to achieve their educational activities.

Before the advancement of Technology students must visit Libraries to read books or search what they like using reference materils like Encyclopedia.

But now things have changed as a result of the advancement of the Internet by which a student can use his personal computer or phone to find information about his educational career.

As a result of that can easily solve their school activities like Assigments, presentations and also their project.

What are Online learning Tools?

Online Learning tools are components, softwares or apps that can be accessed through the internet which  helps students in their learning activities.

Learning activities include Assigments, presentatiuons, tutorials and discusions.

The following are the most popular and common tools developed by Google.

Best Tools by Google


Google Translate

Google translate is a tool that you can access both usunig your web browser or from your mobile device which is used to translate words or even sententences from one language to another one.

For students that are studying languages in the university or colleges I highly recommended using this tool because it will help them in learning new vocabularies.

To use it you need internet connection and one thing you have to note that it is higly recomended that you have Google account, after that you just select the language that you used and the language that you want the tool to  be translated to.


Youtube tutorials#

YouTube search was been created since 2005 by three people as a video search, later on Google aquired YouTube and Improved its services up to now which is the second search engine after Google search.

It is a website that not only musical or entertainment viddeos was been uploaded but also there are tons of video tutorials which helps students to understand their field of study better.

Youtube is free every one can wach videos from it whether you have Google account or not but their are other services that you can not use in the website unless you have Google account.

Additionaly their is YouTube for kids which help parents to educate their children using it, there are tons of tutorials and video shows which are organise for the purpose of kids only and you as a parent will have access to what your chind is waching.

Google Books

Google books

Google Books is among the best online tool that you can use toi access textbooks from different course by different authors only, it is a tool that every student can use to read his favourite books.

Not only reading the tool also provide student with the ability of requested text books that is they can buy the hard copy of the book from websites like amazon.

using Google books to searching book

To satart using this tool you just visite Google books website and type your favourite book name or you can even type the name of the author that you wish to search for.

After that you will see the list of the books then you enter the one that you are searching for, after that you will see the book open using pdf viwer wich the website developed in order to view the book.


Features of a Good Online Learning Tools

  • Easy access
  • Simplicity
  • Realiability
  • Validity


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