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SQLite Browser: How to Create Database in Sqlite Browser

Sqlite Browser make things makes things easy espicially for programmers that want to create ther own database that can be used in a project, beacuse with the software you can create Database, add tables and insert entries to your tables by which you can later export it.

how to create database in sqlite browser

How to Create Database in SQLite Broqser

To create database in the sosoftware you have to make sure you download and install updated SQLite Browser on your device then you open it.

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Once you open the software navigate to File > Create Database then you write the name of your database and select the location you intended to save it in your computer, it will automatically add an sql query


create new database

After that it will eventually pops up a window asking you to add a table then you write the table name example Table One, after that you can add many fields to you table choosing the right entry proprtyies, which can either be Integer, text, Blob, Real or Even Numeric.

Adding Table properties

Below you can see an executable sql query if you have experience of using the sql syntax you can manually used it withiot using the visual components., this is an example of table syntax.

CREATE TABLE "Table One" (

After that then you click ok.

Important things you can do

With the software you can perform the following operations related to database.

  • Create a software
  • Create tables and add enteries to your table.
  • Adding, deleting and updating recoerds to your ttables
  • Import and export database
  • Search a certain record in a database
  • plot a simple graph of your data


Although the software has many functionalities but also it has limitation like it does not have command line tool to execute sql in a shell but you can execute the database query and export your project easily.

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