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How to Setup HTML and CSS Environment on your Computer

Setting up Environment for HTML and CSS is easy and in this post I will guide you on how you can make your own so that you can code and run your project Easily, But before we dive in let me list some important things you need to khave.

Requirements Before Setting up HTML and CSS Environment

  • A computer
  • An Internet connection so that we can download some software
  • Having space on your hard disk.

ok after that below are the steps to follow.

Step 1 : Download a web Browser

The first thing is that you need a web browser but if you have already install a web browser on your computer is ok.

We have many Free web browsers available right now by which the most popular and the most higly functionable one that I can recommend you is Chrome which you can download it through the link below on your windows, linux or even mac operating system just click download button after visiting the site.

Html and css setup using chrome

After you have download it on your machine then another thing is that you need a text editor.

Step 2: Download a Text Editor

A text editor is any software that you can write, edit or even run  your code easily, we many free text editors but among the most popular editors that is used for web development include:

  • Vs Code
  • Notepad++

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But in this post let me show you how to use Notepad++  and below is the stable release that you can download from their website.

After you have download the software then you install it on your computer.

Then also if you choose to use Vs Code is also good and I also highly recommend  you to use it because of many features, extensions and plugins that the software has and you can simply download it through the link below.

When you visited the link you need to choose download option depending on your operating system  that you are using on your computer whether it is linux, windows or mac operating system.

Download vs code

After you have download it then you instal it and start creating your HTML file but let me use VS CODE as an example here.

Step 3: Start Coding Your Project

To start creating your project using HTML and Css you need to open VS Code and create a new file as shown below.

new Html file

After that it will open a new window to you and start coding HTML and CSS, and a simple html webpage looks like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title> Your Page Title</title>

<h1>This is  your first Heading</h1>
<p>This is your first paragraph.</p>


After you have write the above code then you have to save your first page as Index.html and the rest of your pages you can save it the name you wish but make sure you use .html as extension name


then lastly you click run to view your project and you will see your result like this picture shown in a browser or even if you encounter a problem you can navigate to your file and right click then select open with then you choose a browser.

Congratulations you have created your first web page using html.


To start coding your project using html and css as you have seen you need two things text editer and a web browser by which you can write your code with a text editor and then run using a web browser to see your result, if you have comment please drop it in the comment section below.










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