Why you should learn some skills after graduation

After graduation from university many people’s experiemce different things in their daily life,  this is as a result of they are now almost matured some people destruct their future while some will learn some skills after graduation which lead them to better future.

In this post I will provide you with some of the skills that you can learn after graduation from university inorder to have a brigher future.

Skills to learn after graduation

How Life is After Graduation from University

Definately after You haave graduated from the university, firstly the challenge you will face is financial challenge since most of the people duaring their school life are not doing any kind of business and even if they start they have a high chance of failure due to lack of experience.

Another thing is that despite having finacial dificulties then you will notice that there are many greate things that you want to do in your life which their is  a high demand of molney.

So to solve this problem easily is to find skills that will help you economically and finacially so that you will depend on your own.

How could I found skills that will help me?

So if you want have a clear answer of this question to yourself just find a place, sitt down and you can also find a pice of papper and start writting skills related to the following

  • What I am passionate about?
  • What people nitice I am Good at?
  • What are the problems of our society and the world in general

Just try to find out an answer toeach of the folllowing Quasion that I have listed previously and try to figure out some possible ways out.

The Importance of this is that you will know yourself first, withiout knowing who you are is a greate mistake that lead people to many problems that you are eeing today.

After that you then try to think a little bit about a dream if you already have a dream of become a certain perom them just go and if you don’t have draam then you have to set it here and you can set it in two ways at this position which are

Through your Futher Studies

Since you have studied a course  in the university then tif you can think wisely you can figure out some of the opportunities that you can have and dream of become somone related to the field.

A clear example of this is if you study computer science you can start your own  software company then the second one is

Moving to your desired field

Another way out is that you if you have passion and fun of doing something which you know is useful you can go through it also since it is not compulsory for every graduate to proceed for posgraduate.

Because there are many people in this world that have make it without having any degree like appl founder steve jobs created apple withoiut even having a single degree certificate.

So try to find your passion and make a dream, then go through it just what you need is beign having focus and determination on every thing you want to do.





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