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10 Best Software for Programmers to Download for Free

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Software play a great role in programming since you can not say that you code without a software or code editors, as a result of this it is important to know which software to use in programming which many programmers use for free.

In this post I will provide you a gist about the software and where you can download it in from the internet for free no need of paying anything.

But before that let us talk about things to consider before downloading any programming sotware because programming software is different from other softwares which is use for printing or many other purposes.

Things to Consider Before Downloading Programming Software

Programming software requirments

Before you download software that you want to practice programming with it you need to consider the following things.

  • Can it run on your machine?
  • What are the requirement you need to set up its enviroment?
  • Is it easy ro use?
  • What can you do with it after you have download it?
  • Did the company provide update to it from time to time

After you have an idea about the above mentions thingsc to consider then let us go directly to the softwares and what you can do with each of them.

Apache NetBeans


NetBeans is an opensouce IDE that you can use as a programmer to code many programming languages with it.

With apache netbeans you can have access to template and editors of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and PHP which you can code inside it and also run you code easily.

Apache NetBeans is far more than an editor only you can run yout code inside it and also you can refract code with a range of handy and powerful tools of it.

To download the software you can visit:

Visual Studio

Visual Studio code

Visual Syudio Code is an IDE developed by Microsoft which was been trusted by many programmers as a software for programmers and for the purpose of prohrammers, it is a light code ediyor that can run on both Windows, Linux and Mac Operating systems.

Among the beaty of this software is that you can have access to many extentions to add functionality of it whith some of them can run your code.

Whith this software you can programme almost all the programming languages with it, tthe software is free but for commercial organisations there is paid one  download the software:


Notpaddd++ software

Regarding to the text Editor Notpad++ is among the best one as a result of its light weight, easy navigationg, compartable to the major operating systems, it is user friendly espicially for beginners to programming language.

With Notepad++ you can program almost all of the most ppopular programming languages we have and you can change it settings the way you want as if you want dark theme and many features of simplicity to your codding.

You can Download it here:

Android Studio

Android Studio download

Android Studio is a software manage by Google inc, it is a software that you can use to develop android application easily using programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C++ and many other programming languages that you can make android apps with.

It is awesome software that you can have many features to make android apps and it is compartable to windows, mac and linux.

Before you install the software you need to have enough storage in your hardisk and you need to have a minimun of 4GB RAM Iinyour machine.

To Download android Studio :



Sublime Text Editor also help programmers in managing, developing and arranging their code it is a software that is compatyable with linux, windows and mac operating sysyems.

As the company provide updates to it it  can now utilize your GPU on Linux, Mac and Windows when rendering the interface. This results in a fluid UI all the way up to 8K resolutions, all while it uses less power than before which is a great improvement of it.

Among it other great features includes auto code completion, tab multi=selected and refreshing UI, to download the software visit: 


Atom download

Atom is among the text editors that GitHub developers use because of it greate feature of pushing your work directly to github which among it great features.

Other Features may include smart auto-completion, cross-platform editing, find and replace code, file system and many other useful features, you can download it :

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