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Software Skills: Best software skills to learn and make money

In nowadays software plays great role in the life of humanity, because there are tons of jobs that are needed and they are done using softwares, as a result of that having the software skills became among the major areas of making money.

There is a need for professionals about certain software categories, ranging from programming software, Design software and many related areas that are useful for a certain work.

What are software skills?

Software skills simply means aquiring knowledge of a certain software in order to solve certain problems.

A software can be an online tools or a normal software that you can simply download from your computer using a Web Browser.

So, what ever kind of software it is, for you to learn it, it requires patience and practice which serves as  pillars of aquiring any kind of knowledge or something usefull in life.

let us dive into the most usefull ones and why you should learn it;

Best Skills to Learn

Below are some of the usefull skills categories that you have to consider if you want make money.

Grapic Design

Graphic Design

Definately no doubt grapic design is among the most demanding job today, this is because graphics are everywhere whether printed or digital ones.

As a result of this graphic designers are earning passive incomes whith there jobs, some are freelancers and while some were been hired by companies.

There are many graphic design softwares that you can learn among the most popular include Inkscape, and Corel Draw

Tips to make money with Graphic Design

  • Freelancing
  • Sponsorship by companies
  • Selling your Design stuffs online
  • Creating a design center

Word Processing

Word Processing

Another category is word processing which includes having skills of word manulations, spreed sheets, and presentations.

Both of the above mention skills are definately useful and more espicially spreed shhets, because there is a high demand of profesionals and experts of the area espicially in freelancing.

Among the most popular and best softwares that are used for the purpose of word processing that you can download on your computer include WPS Office, Microsoft Office and Libre Office.

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Tips to make money with Word Processing

  • Freelancing
  • Working in a company
  • Selling Templates online
  • Opening Printing Center


Software skills of programming

Programming skills is an example of software skills, which is the ability of a person to have a knowledge of  using giving instruction to a computer using a software.

Programmers are in huge demand across the globe because they are the people that create software that can be used to solve a certain problems in many aspects of life ranging from Bussiness, Technology, Educationg, Indusry and Agriculture.

Programmers whether they are app developers or web developers are earning passive income using their skills if they are professionals in their fields.

There are many Software that are used by programmers and to start programming you need to download programming software or editors to get started.

After that lest us move to the tips that programmers make money from their skill.

Tips to make money programming skills

  • Selling Websites or Mobile Apps online.
  • By uploading their project on Git HUb and get sponsorship by companies.
  • By Uploading their project to play store for app developers.
  • Freelancing Sevices
  • By creating Software and IT company

Editing of Pictures and Videos

Editing Softwares

Beside Designing there is what we called editing is a skills that deals with the manipulation of pctures and videos so that that it can look pretty to the viwers.

As the advancement of technology editors are in greate demands as a result of the increase of Images and videos around the world.

To make things greate movies are edited by who? are editors and also many videos that were been uploaded by Youtube were been edited.

To ,Learn Editing of graphics there are softwares like Adobe Photoshop and GNU Image manupulation software.

And if you are interested in vvideo editing there are popular softwares like Film mora go and Kinemaster for android users.

Tips to make money with Editing

  • Selling edited picture and Videos as stock photos and video
  • Freelancing
  • Creating YouTube Videos
  • Editing videos and pictures for clients.

Ways to Learn

Software skills

There are many ways that you can learn software skills, it can be online or offline, just what you need as earlier I have said it requires patient and practice, because you can not go any where withiot them.

As a  student that you want to learn these skills if you choose online you can Use Online Learning Tools by Googlewhich include waching YouTube Videos, Downloadong books, and more.

Other online websites that you can learn skills online includes Udemy and Udacity mostly udacity courses are free no need of paying a single dollar.

Another way is by attending a schools that specialize in teaching them in your lacality, which will help you sometimes more than online courses.

Things to consider Before Choosing a category

  • Passion
  • How to make money with it
  • Where to learn it
  • What effort should I made to learn it.


The above mention skills are among the most popular skills of software that you nedd to learn in order to earn a lot of money.

And as I have mentioned earlier like software skills need patience and practice in order to achieve your goal.

If you have anything like comment, suggestion or anthing related to that feel free to drop it in the comment section below.



















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