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Why You Should Start Your Tech Comapny Journey in 2022

Starting a Tech Comapny is a good Idea that you can choose because today technology is everywhere and itheir are tons of problems  that was not solve snd need person like you so that they can be solved.

So in this post I will give you some reason including some companies that you can start espicially if you are graduated from a college or a university.

Starting a tech company

Why You Choose Tech Company?

The reason is that due to the advancement of technology and the internet  also there there are huge opportunities that arises which are almost becoing a billion company idea.

Think about big companies like Google, apple and microsoft they all started small almost fronm the garage and after many years of hard work each one among them now worth about billion dollars market cap.

So you see mostlky this is as a result of advancement of computer and Internet in general, and one thing you have to know also is that mostly non visible products or digital product brought high amount of money then physical one.

This is a result of producing high many copies like softwares or by creating saas company that is by providing services of software which we called software as a service.

Tech company does not only rely on software or digital product only but it can be a company the create electronic products and sell to customers like apple manufacturing iphones and selling it.

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Reasons behind these companies

  • Reaching Millions or even Billions of Customers easily
  • High demand of Tech products
  • Low Capital to start

How to Start your Own

To start your own firstly you need to follow the following steps  so in order to achieve youer goal.

Step 1:  Plan

Your First Step is to sit down and think what are you interested in and then find a piece of poapper and plan your goals and how you want to achieved it.

This will give you a clear cision of what you can be focused on so that when ever you have challenges you can easily understand how you can try to solve them.

Step 2:  Start

the second step is to start the tech c ompany the you want to create things that you need include skills if it is related to programming you need to learn how to programe a computer of partner with someone else to do so.

This step is quit the step thet you will face many challenges and you will get many experience after you reach succes zone but ypou need to be patiant.

Step 3:  Upgrade

The last step is to upgrade your business after having experience of somany years, this step differential small c ompany with big ones.

Because Big Companies will invest huge amount of money that small scale business.




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