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Starting Your Android Developer Startup Journey

Starting a tech company espicially that deals with making apps like Android Apps or Iphone Apps is a grete decission this is as a resylt of many Android Developers are earnig huge amount of incomes yearly through their product.

In this post I will i will put you through how to start your journey as well as giving you some good recommendations that will boost your performance.

Android Developer Startup

Who is an Android Developer?

An android developer is a person that creates apps that related to android users, which can be an application that can performe certain tasks or even a game that can run on android device.

Almost Google playstore become the marketplace of billion of apps by which some apps, are free, paid and subscribtion based by which the top apps having billions dowloads.

So, also for you if you intended to create your own startup developing apps you some skills as well as plan how you can be in the market because every time it’s becoming very competetive for some categlories of apps but for some their is less competition.

At the initial stage if you intended that you want to start as a team then this is a greate idea but firstly you need a quality backgroung abount programming and little in business.

The following are some useful things to learn if you want to start creating android apps.

educational background

Useful Background You must have

The following things that I will mention below are some of the useful things you have to consider learning having experience about it if you want become successful through your journey.


You can’t just said that you create a tech company that  develop apps for android without having developing it using programming languages, although you can create an app now without programming.

But a good decision that you can make is develope your own using programming languages.

We have diffferent programming languages that you can use to create android application with like java, c++, phython and so on.

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What you need to do is that you choose one languge learn it and then proceed and and learn how to implement it in developing your application.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is also useful you can learn it or even assign someone in yourb team to learn how to design things perfectly.

Because it is the eye catcher of your product, a clear example that i can give you here to understand the role of design in bussines like this is that if you want install an aop in playstore you want a perfectly design app.

Nobody like bad or jargons works eveyone needs profession and perfect user experience product to use so you need to set you plans aalso related to how you can design you application or game.

Digital Marketing

Another important thing is that you also need to have a solid backround related to how to market your app or game and since it is a software based product you can acgieved greate success using waht we called Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing would hepl you in creating awareness of your product to the world so that you can drive many intalls to your application.

This inolves creating advertisement on social media or search engine by which you can drive many conversiuons through your campaing.







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