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Web Developer Guide: Major Programming Languages to learn to become a Web Developer

To become a web developer you need to have some skills which can help you to achieve your dreams, and in this guide I will provide you with the major programming languages that you need to learn to become a professional web developer.

But before  we delve in let’s me first introduce to you who is a web developer? what is the job that a web developer can do and how the major types of a web developer that we have.

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Who is a Web Developer?

a web developer is any person that can create or develop a website or web applications using programming languages.

Almost every day when you open your smart phone or a computer when you enter a browser and search for a certain quary in the browser the answer that you will have is from website.

So a website is an application that was been developed by a web developer programatically which include many web pages that the user can easily navigate whether on a computer, Tablet or mobile device.

Types of a Web Developer

We have three major types of a web developer which are as follows:

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer

So the above types that I have mention are the major types of a web developer that we have and each one among them has his own work or role that he plays in developing web pages.

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Let explain them one after the other for easy clarification.

Front End Developer

A front end developer is a person who is responsible for developing user experience or visual components of a website that can be seen for the user.

These components includes Boxes, Buttons, Forms, pictures, video and links.

All of the above mention are among the work of a front end developer which deals with the developing and assembling visual components of a web page to users.

Below are some of the programming languages skills that a web developer must have before he can develop a web page that can be visible to the user browser.

Front End Programming Languages

Explanation about front end web deloper

The following are the most important skills that every front end developer must learn.

  •  HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

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 Back End Developer

After Front End Developer then we have a back end developer, is a person that is responsible for developing back end of a website that is complex activities of a website.

Some of the examples that I can mention here that a Back End Developer handles include Submitting Form entries from the form to the web server, sending messages among the users like in social media websites or forums.

Notifying users about some changes that arise and many related complex task that include a web server activities.

Also there are many programming languages that back end web developers are using to create dynamic website but among the most popular ones of all the time include

Back End Programming Languages

how to become back end web developer

Below are the most popular back end programming languages for back end web developers.

  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • kotlin

Full Stack Developer

A full stack web developer is a person that is responsible for creating front end and back end of a website, that he is the one that can perform a work of both front end developer and back end developer.

Back end web developer are expert that has experience which is grater than that of a front end and back end.

Meaning that he can develop a front vision and activities of a website and can also handles the back activities that a website can perform to the user.

how to become a full stack web developer

But you have to understand that mostly if you want to become an expert as a full stack developer i will advice you to learn three major technologies for front end programming which include Html, css and javascript.

After mastering the above mention skills then you proceed and Learn one server side programming and one database and make sure to master them and try as much as you can to start creating your project

Additionally below are the list of programming languages you need to choose three major front end and add one back end programming among them then you add a database programming also which is sql..

Full Stack Programming Languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PhP
  • SQL

How long Does it takes to Become a Professional Web Developer?

To become a professional web developer you need to master skils related to the category of developer that I have already mention to you above.

But let me briefly let me explain to you depending on which type of a web developer you choose to become.

For the firt one that I have explain to you which is a front end developer you can master front end skills that which include HTML, CSS and JavaScript in six weeks or less than than it just depends upon you ability and how serious you take it and also the time that you are putting in practicing the skills.

Then the second one which is the Back End developer you can master a back end programming like php including mysql database in 3 weeks, but one thing you have to know also is that before learning back end skills you must have front end programming skills.

Then the last one which is the full stack web developer as I have mentioned to you ealiar you must master front enf and back end skills as well then you a have to put them in practice by creating your dynamic websites which can takes you to about three to four month minimum.

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NOTE : it depends upon how you read and make things in practice because you can not learn any programming language without practicing, you ,must learn , practice and create projects from the experience that you have gain.


A web Developer as I have already said that is a person that developed a website whether completely, partially or fully.

And to become a web developer you have to be patient and learn how things work by the time you are learning you will observed that you are experiencing new things which makes the journey easy for you.





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