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What is a website

What is a website?

A website is a collsection of many pages link together by a single domain which can be access through the internet.

A Website can be Broadly divioded into many categories like Blog Website, Ecommerce Website, Online course and many other related website.

All these categories of website were been created for certain purposes in order to achieve a desired goal.

website traffic chart

According to statista the most popular visited website is Google with about 86.0 Billion visits monthly.

This Shows  you that their is a huge traffic on the internet, and as a result of that is a greate opportunity for everyone and every Business to create a website, you can check why you should create your website  to learn more.

Types of Website


A blog is a kind of website that was been updated regularly by the author, it can be based on a certain niche or it can be multi-category.

Mosltly Blogs are created using CMS software like wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and so on.

Purpose of a Blog

  • For Education Purpose
  • For providing updates to visitors


An ecommerc e is a website that deals with selling goods and services online example of an ecommerce website include

Purpose of Ecommerce

  • For selling goods and sevices to customers
  • For making accesibility of  goods and services easy for customers
  • For making discounts to customers

Forum Websites

Forum is another example of a website that deals with the users interactions, interms of content.

A forum is almost about asking questions and answering them between the users that register to the website an example of a forum include

Purpose of a forum website

  • For asking qustions
  • For providing answers to the questions
  • For engaging userts to the contents


A website is very useful espicially this time of the advancement of technology and the internet, Creating a Website is easy and having your own website can help you to achieve your desird goals.





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