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Why I should use php for my project.

No doubt php pragraming language is among the best programming language that we have, the language is  run very fast compared to some other backend programming languages that we have, and I highly recommend you to use it for your project as a result of some importance that I will mention is this article.

php progarmming language

Things to know About php

php means Hypertext Hypertext Preprocessor as explained it by PHP website is among the most widely used programming languages that is used to create a dynamic website.

Is among the most widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development which can be easily embedded in a HTML webpages.

One thing special about the languge is that it is easy for beginners and intermediate in programming languages to create ther project.

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it is a programming language that is executeted bu a web server which is embended in HTML webpages.

Important of Using PHP

  • It is easier for beginners to learn and start making their own project
  • It is among the most fastest language to learn.
  • High online support
  • Free and open source  programming language.
  • It is used to create any kind of dynamic website.

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