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Why should we learn programming

Are you are wonderring why we should learn programming? ok you are at the right place of your answer, programming is becoming popular and always there are huge amount of Tech companies that are hiring programmers all around the world some companies even prepare to work for them from home.

In this post I will talk about reasons behaind learning programming and also I will give you a clear advice from where you should start your jorney so that you will become successful programmer.

why should we learn programming

Why you should start Learning Programming Today? Reasons Behind it.

As you are seeing or having news about many successful prpogrammers around the world by which some of them are freelancers, some of them are working in companies like software companies while others are even becoming their own boss satrting there own company.

At this pont let me inspire you before I proceed Mark Zukerberg founder of facebook  is not up to forty years old, he started facebook since when he is at facebook and now at 36 becoming fifth billionaire accordind to forbes.

Not only him if I could start mentioning them there are many eaxmples like him that become millionaires and billionaire as a result of having programming skills.

Below are someReasons which i will talk about in this post which are among the reasons you should lean programming.

High Sponsorship demand Companies

Many tech companies around the world are in high demand of programmers, this is as a result of Billions of data that thes companies are trying to utilise, because today we are in an era of Internet were sharing of data is higly important as a result of billions of traffic of internet users.

As a result of that these companies ,can make an opinion about making certain software that can  handle a particular task to their company operation but almost all their employers no one can create it or can manage to do the work, as a result of that they start looking for sponsors from the outside eaither from a website Like GitHub were tons of programmers were being there uploading there projects and waiting for somebody to sponsore them.

Or in other way they must employ new Software engineer that can create the software or handle the task for them, which you can see is among the opportunities for people like you that you who want start programming career because one you are the one that will be sponsored if you have the skills.

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Freelancing Demands

Related to freelancing there are tons of programming project if you can check the most popular freelancing websites like freelancer and fiverr if you can check you will notice small companies and many small business organisations are posting many programming related jobs that are willing to pay high amount of money for the bidder.

Bidding programming projects as a freelancer needs high amount of expertise related what you will offer to your clients beacuse mostly the above websites that I have mention to you before mostly rank top programmers and sometimes before anyone can bid you to do code a certain sopftware or app for him need to see you recent or previous project, by which he can judge to bid you or not.

So my advice to you if you are willing to learn programming for the purpose of freelancing you have to make sure before biding any project you have make projects like four, five or even more than that for you to be easily quilified as a freelancer, by having many projectds your are even comfortable for your cleants.

Because mostly what people does’t like about freelancers is that lake of experience, even now if I can ask you can you hire some body to perform certain work for you that does not have enough experience the answer is no.

So if you master yoiur career you will be suprise of yourself because you will notice good reviews from your client which will help news client to come and hire you, another good thing is that if you are lucky small startups can start hiring you to do something sor their newly start up idea by which no doubt you will earn a lot of money from them.

Learn Programming for Creating Your Saas Company

Saas companies are getting high amount of revenue from their customers .You can learn certain programming skillls in order to start your small business or i can even say a company that can perform sevices for your customers because if you are lucky operating successful saas compuny by providing software services for your clients definately you your revenue will be in million dollars yearly or morethan that.

There is no limit amount of money that you can earn from your customers it depends upon the servises that you are providing for them and the way they get satisfied from your service.

How Saas Companies work and earn

  • By providing online software that can perform a certain task for them
  • Easy access to their services online on their website or mobile apps
  • By charging for every task
  • By charging clients using subsription methods
  • By charging them once.

And also the next reason for learning programming language is that for the purpose of Improving Your Business.

For Improving Business

Having programming skills will help you in your Business, there is no need of hiring a programmer to make things for you and also for webmasters they know although now you can create website without  writting a single amount of code.

But they all know that those with programming experiences excel in their desigh and marketing activities because they can edit their websites or add many functionalities to their websites or mobile apps which will help them in attracting cutomers to their brands.

Another important thing you should also be aware is that by having programming skills also help the security of a business website, beacuse programmers are being taught about many vulnerable areas that hackers are using, so they will try to improve and make a secured website for thair business, this is another importance beside managing companies financial resources.

Creating Your Own Portpolio

You can learn programming for the purpose of people and companies to hire you from your portpolio although this is not for beginners it require having experience of many years making projects for many people,

But definately this the most stable career stage you will be because at this point you are independent mostly some prorammers who come across this position they are not searching for jobds but instead many jobs are searching for then.

But befor you reach the position to create your portfolio you must have learn more about the area of programming that you are willing to be hired by people or companies.

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Their are many advantages of learning programming and even learning computer programming help your brain to think well that is by challenging it and also you have the skills of problem solving which can also be used in your daily activities.

If you have Wuestion, suggestion or anything else please feel free to drop it in the comment section belowthank you.














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