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Why you should create your own website in 2021

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Do you want to know why you should create your own website? that’s very good you are at the write place, and you have choose a good decision.

Today I will show you reasons of having a websites and the ways that you can earn money through it, which are the proven ways that were been tested for more than a decade.

Reasons of Creating Your Own Website

Below are the most common reason why you start your own today

  • To make money
  • Having skills that can be used in freelancing
  • Having a brand of your own
  • Sharing your Idea through the Internet
  • Helping others

Ok let’s explain some of the above mentions step by step.

Making Money

Making money by creating website

Mostly website owners are making a lot of money whether they have created their website by their own skills using programming softwares or even if they have created their own website using CMS software like wordpress or blooger.

The thing behind it is that after setting up their site, they create a product or services that they can sell to their visitors.

This is done through setting up their store undder the website or even through affliate marketing method more espicially for those that have a blog.

Example of product and services that website owners are making money include.

  • Selling online courses
  • Selling Ebooks
  • Affliate marketing
  • Sponsorship post
  • Selling their own physical products

Freelancing purposes


Having skills of creating websites whether you are a programmer or not you can start your journey to freelancing

Their are many websites on the internet that you can regioter and staer making money by providing services to the client which is called freelancing.

Among the most popular places on the Internet includes, Freelancer an so on, through these website there are tons of jobs you can do for client and pay you like website skills.

Making Brand

Another Importance of creating website is that you can create your brand which you can sell your product and services on it.

These kind of websites often called fortpolio website which is about what the creater is doing.

How to make your own


Before Setting Up your Website Definately you need to buy a Hosting and a domain, After that then you install wordpress in your cpanel.

WordPress is an open source software that you can create any kind of website you want like blog, ecpommerce, online tutorial site and more.

After that, to create any type of website you want you just need to Install a plugin, so what is a plugin.


Related to wordpress a plugin simply means a substance that you can install on your wordpress website inorder to add functionality to your website.

We have many examples of plugin we have Woocommerce that can turn your website into an online store other may include wpforms and so on.

Then what next after creating

After Creating a website the next thing which is quit challenging is geting traffic because you can not just ctreate a content that no one read it.

So to get traffic firstly you can start submitting to search engines like Google using a tool called Search Console and for bing Bing Webmaster tool.

After that then yuou startsubmitting url to both of them.

Then Secondly sharing using social media which is another greate opportunity to drive alot of traffic to your website.








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