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Why you should start a Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel

Hello guys in this post I will provide you with helpul tips about youtube chanel and why you should start your youtube channel today.

Almost all of the videos that you are seeing on youtube were been created by publishers.

Oh a good news about that is that they are people like you they have just create a youtube channel and start uploading videos you can also start your own youtube channel today, but before that let’s look at some useful things to consider before that.

What is a YouTube Channel?

Youtube channel simply means a channel or path that youtube allow you to upload your videos, it can be public or private depending on how you want your video to be.

A YouTube channels contains many videos that was been created by the publisher and those that needs update about certain channel are called subscribers.

As YouTube is getting popular around the world with about billions of video whaching hours each day according to wikipedia, there are many opportunities that  arises as a result of it rapid grows.

Reasons of Starting a Channel


There ara many reasons why you should start your own channel today but among the most important reaspons  are.

Videos are Better than Text

Most people prepared video contents rather than text, as a result of that YouTube become the second search engine after Google Search.

People mostly remember visual contents like videos than text which leads to the understanding of the content better than text.

So, by know you can see that even when you want prove your Business it is better in video contents than in text.

Targeted Audience

Your targeted audience are waching videos on youtube, this serve as an opportunity for you to upload videos that they can see.

Many companies and small bussiness use this opportunity to upload videos that review and explain thier products which make customers easier to start making order.

Your Audience will know you Better

By uploading Videos on Youtube you will notice a traffic from youtube to your videos, and those that view your videos subscribe to your channel espicially if you are recommending them to do so.

By subscribing to youre channel every time you upload a video on youtube you youtube will notify them about the new content that you upload.

This makes great relationship between you and your subscribers and as a result of that, chances of trusting you is better, espicially if you are providing them with a great  and useful content.









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